Child's pose

Crouching back into the fetal position…

Think of a typical workday. Firstly, you sit down whilst commuting to work in the car/train/bus. Secondly, you sit at your desk. Thirdly, you sit as you commute back home. Fourthly, you sit at home watching TV. Are you starting to see a trend?

When we sit, our hips are flexed and gravity is working a little bit of stress on the discs and ligaments in our backs. Moreover, prolonged and regular sitting without counter-stretching can lead to shortened hip flexors, which put more pressure on the back. The back then has to compensate by arching more.

Similarly, this can happen in the upper body – shortened pectoral and chest muscles lead to a rounding of the shoulders and a protracted head posture. This will lead to increased stress on the neck and can often result in headaches.

Given this, it is important to stand tall, get out of the fetal position and counter-stretch.

Check out this article about Text Neck and see how much heavier your head gets the more it shunts forward!

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